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Province of Trapani travel guides

This section of our blog is dedicated to guide the province of Trapani: Here you will find pages with information about the places, nature reserves, archaeological sites, events, tips and much more. Browse the pages dedicated to Trapani, San Vito Lo Capo, Erice, Egadi Island, Pantelleria, Alcamo, Salemi, Castelvetrano, Segesta, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo e Castellammare del Golfo.

Zingaro Nature Reserve 1

Zingaro Nature Reserve

In Italy, the coastlines not contaminated with a coastal road are very uncommon. The Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro, located in Sicily in Castellammare del Golfo, is definitely one of this. This characteristic can be …
Egadi Island Nature Reserve 3

Egadi Island Nature Reserve

The Marine Nature Reserve of Egadi Islands (Riserva Naturale Marina delle Isole Egadi) takes its name from the surrounding area, which includes the islands of Favignana, Levanzo, Marettino, and the islets of Formica and Maraone. …
Bosco Alcamo Nature Reserve 5

Bosco Alcamo Nature Reserve

With its 314 hectares, the Riserva Naturale Orientata Bosco di Alcamo is a small area that lies on the limestone complex of Mount Bonifato. During the nineteenth century the area was deforested, and then it …
Stagnone Island Nature Reserve 7

Stagnone Island Nature Reserve

Recently founded, the Riserva Naturale delle Isole dello Stagnone, located within the municipality of Marsala, dates back to 1984. Located along the west coast of Sicily, this natural reserve includes the islands of San Pantaleo, …
Mozia Archaeological Site 9

Mozia Archaeological Site

On the island today known as San Pantaleo, in the last decades of the eighth century b.C. the Phoenicians founded a city that was called Mozia. The strategic location enjoyed by the city of Mozia …
Roccazzo Archaeological Site 11

Roccazzo Archaeological Site

Near the zone called Borgata Costiera there’s an important area of great historical and cultural interest. This is the Archaeological Site of Roccazzo, which covers a surface of 20 hectares and it’s one of the …
Segesta Archaeological Site 13

Segesta Archaeological Site

The north-western Sicily hosts an important archaeological site where the remains of the ancient city of Segesta can be seen. Founded by some Trojan refugees known as the Elimi, this ancient city dates back to …
Selinunte Archaeological Site 15

Selinunte Archaeological Site

The Archaeological site of Selinunte takes its name from the ancient Greek city where it was originally built. The name derives from the Greek word sèlinon, which is a variety of wild parsley that can …
Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani 2019 17

Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani 2019

The procession of the Mysteries of Trapani is a religious rite with an high iconographic potential, finding its concretization in a number of faithful representations. Specifically, each of this representation depict the 20 Mysteries, which …
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